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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 318 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Deekman   
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 06:26

What is the deal with OnLive, and will it really effect the way we buy and play our video games? All sorts of other news pours out of the Game Developers Conference as well, such as new types of DRM, but will they be effective? In part B we talk about Xi, not just what it is in Sony Playstation Home, but how in the heck you pronounce it. All this and more, including the controversial sex community game on xbox live marketplace. As always, we invite our live listeners to join us on the phone and via chat, and we invite everyone to e-mail us and have your say on the show where every gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio

I Love That Song - Splash Wave (1986) PDF Print E-mail
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Tuesday, 14 April 2009 22:54


Splash Wave (1986)
Composed by: Hiroshi Miyau

Surprise! Another racing game track. But I figured since Outrun Online Arcade drifts its way onto XBLA today (and European PS3 owners, thanks @sega on twitter for clearing that up!!) that I'd pick a selection from one of the previous Outrun titles.

My selection this week is Splash Wave (1986) from the Outrun 2 soundtrack. A jazzed up remix of the original Outrun song, revamped for a new generation of racing fans while retaining the spirit of the original 1986 classic game.

I must say, racing with your blonde passenger, screaming down the interstate at 100mph and trying to make the next checkpoint there's nothing more exhilirating. Especially all the while drifting thru traffic trying not to wipe out (and get the chewing out of a lifetime from your blonde-haired passenger. ;)

I Love That Song! - Time for Tetris! PDF Print E-mail
Written by gs68 & Deekman   
Monday, 13 April 2009 19:10


This article was written and requested by gs68! I'm more than happy to oblige!

The Tetris: The Grand Master series is perhaps one of the more infamous variants of the classic block-stacking game Tetris.  Designed as a challenge for advanced players, TGM offers gameplay that ramps up in difficulty faster than other versions of Tetris and a grade system in which the ultimate goal is to attain the coveted "Grand Master" rank.

Today's track is Katjusha by Super Sweep from Tetris: The Grand Master ACE

Please note due to copyright issues I can not make this song available for you to download directly. 


Unfortunately, this is not the case with the only console release of TGM, Tetris: The Grand Master ACE.  ACE was released in 2006, when the "Tetris Guideline," a series of requirements by The Tetris Company that new Tetris games must abide by, tragically forced ACE to become a totally different game.  Gone were some of the signature elements of TGM that made it challenging and appealing to expert Tetris players in the first place.  It does have one small solace, however--it has some pretty awesome music, such as this remix of "Katyusha," one of the big three Tetris songs along with "Korobeiniki" (otherwise known as A-Type) and "Kalinka," which plays in the "Another Road" mission.

If you're a big Tetris fan who's looking to challenge himself or herself, the original TGM is emulated on the emulator ZiNc, and Tetris TGM 2 is emulated on MAME32, as well as the TGM simulators Texmaster and Heboris. Look them up on Google!


Your gaming week - Week of April 4 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Deekman & OLR Fans   
Monday, 13 April 2009 08:53

Sorry this one's coming up so late everyone been pretty busy with stuff around the house all weeekend!

DJRanmaS: For me, it's been Final Fantasy III on the DS all week.

RyanBelknap: I have been playing Fallout 3 for the PC. Also I have beaten the game Slingo Quest for the PC.

MarronMarvel: My gaming week was cut short when my Xbox stopped working. Played a bit of Legend of Ys on DS instead. Fun game, but a bit wonky!

13xforever: I'm still playing The Last Remnant, but y-day Braid was released, and a little bit earlier - The Path, so TLR now have some competition

ajTwist: lots of Stepmania, built a level in LBP and finally checked out Katamari on the iPhone

cepwin: FIFA 09..especially Ultimate Team mode, Resident Evil 5, Peggle, some Grid with neighbor and his 3 year old and finally Oblivion.

Ray_Ayanami: Oh! And some Sin & Punishment. I got a new SD card so I transferred my VC and WiiWare games onto it.

Ray_Ayanami: Pop'n Music 16, IIDX 16, Tetris TGM and TGM clones, Bangai-O Spirits, Star Soldier R, Gradius ReBirth. Same stuff basically.

hendersonman: Tomb Raider Underworld DLC, Fear 2, and Valkyria Chronicles

VxJasonxV: Played Star Fox 64 a few days ago... I really can't think of anything else I've played this week. Been busy :/

act_deft: DDR MAX 1 and 2, Flow, American Idol, Rock Band (if anyone saw my Tuesday Tweets), Kirby Super Star Ultra, and Pokemon Platinum

djtyrant: World of WarCraft, Rhythm Heaven, Street Fighter 4, StarCraft

Goreaura: Been playing some old shit this week,namely Oblivion and my cnpy of BMUS (because I simply can't afford a JPN PS2 lol)

Kroze: Rock Band 2 at friend's house, Fallout 3, Resident Evil 5, Burnout Paradise, Puzzle Quest Galactrix, and getting Braid PC soon.

DarkTetsuya: Just enough NFSUG2 to finish it, then moved on to random DDR games (MAX, MAX2, some stepmania)

Deekman: Resident Evil 5 co-op with my brother in Australia, Project Sylpheed (surprisingly awesome!). Flock demo; didn't like it.


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