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Orange Lounge Radio - News
Orange Lounge Radio 317 PDF Print E-mail
Written by skie   
Sunday, 29 March 2009 23:21

Should we be concerned about the 360s lineup for this year, or is it all just a sham? Well at least we know of one shoot em up game coming out... in japan anyway! We have not forgot to talk about the Playstation 3 either though, as we talk about multiplayer for Nobi Nobi Boy! And why are publishers angry at Amazon... does it have to do with our story last week?

In Part B, we talk about how a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom release in the US is not really likely, but at least we know we are getting Resident Evil Overload! Also, we might not know much about Excitebots, but at least we know they will give us Super Sandwiches!

All this and much more including your chatroom rants, telephone calls, e-mails and tweets on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice: Orange Lounge Radio!

Orange Lounge Radio Episode 316 PDF Print E-mail
Written by skie   
Sunday, 29 March 2009 15:29

On this weeks edition of Orange Lounge Radio, we talked a lot about music games, including a highly anticipated game about The Beatles getting dated for mid-September. Also, could Van Halen be getting their own Guitar Hero Arcade Game? We also have an update on the Gibson lawsuit over Guitar Hero, perhaps you will find it as amusing as we did! :D

In Part B of the show, are both Toys R Us and Amazon about to give Gamestop some competition in the used video game market? The stock market sure seems to think so. Also, what would you think about a kiosk at your local wal-mart run by gamefly where you could rent video games on the spot?

All this and more including your chatroom antics, live phone calls and e-mails on the video game show where every gamer has a voice, Orange Lounge Radio!

Old yet new and exciting! – A Bit.Trip Beat review PDF Print E-mail
Written by act_deft   
Sunday, 29 March 2009 15:11


Nowadays, most gaming companies have releasing a handful of remakes of retro games and giving them a new look or a new feel to them. But Bit.Trip Beat is a game that takes retro gaming and turns it into something completely new.

Bit.Trip Beat has a very simple game play mechanics yet it is kind of difficult to master.  It plays basically like Pong, you get thrown blocks from the right side of your screen and you have to bounce those blocks back from where they came from, making it a little like a Shoot ‘Em Up type of game, like Gradius or R-type.  But of course it is not just that, while you hit every block you are also making the rhythm and music to the game, some examples of this are Space Channel 5, Rez or Space Invaders Extreme.

Your gaming week - Week of March 21 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Deekman & OLR Fans   
Saturday, 28 March 2009 17:51

Gaming weeks from the OLR community:

Misty: also (and how the fuck did i forget this?) pegglecrack, cell phone and 360 versions

MidnightSkies: Mainly Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, which is quite disappointing unfortunately, along with SFIV and Rock Band 2.

AlphaCananogram: Super Puyo Puyo 2 REMIX, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, and Peggle (360)

Kroze: PuzzleQuest Galactrix, Burnout Paradise, Fallout 3, Garry's Mod, and Team Fortress 2.

13xforever: Lots of The Last Remnant on PC, Final Fantasy XII, and Sway on iPhone

MistyOLR: Rock Band and some CCR cuz i found my copy of Max 2 US and I spent a little time in SN's stupid Master Mode ^^;

bresslol: Halo 1 and 3, Pac Man CE, GT2, GT4, Rock Band, SSX3, Tecmo Super Bowl

VxJasonxV: Silent Hill 3, Earthbound, Metroid 2: Return of Samus, Bought RE5, haven't opened it :D, Mario RPG, I feel like I'm missing something.

act_deft: I played Street Fighter IV and Rock Band 2 as usual (Ten is awesome go download it NOW!), Peggle (XBLA), Pac-Man C.E. and Pkmn Platinum

magicalnathan: Advance Wars Days of Ruin, Super Metroid, Rock Band 2, a little Mario Kart Wii, and the Rhythm Heaven demo -Morii

Corey31: Mario Party 8, Resident Evil (Gamecube), & Guitar Hero 3

djtyrant: WoW, Street Fighter 4, Wipeout HD

Ray_Ayanami: Pop'n Music 16, Beatmania IIDX 16, Castlevania CotM & HoD, Tetris TGM and TGM clones, Sky Shark, Rez HD. Currently in line for IIDX!

jaferris: been playing mainly football manager live and resistance 2

DarkTetsuya: nearing the end of NFS:UG2! Gonna miss it when it's over :( Also got to see some of the HAWX demo on 360 (looks awesome)

kidmanproject: This week, more RE5 - milking it for achievements. Also, played the new Fallout3 DLC and some old school Streets of Rage!

MarronMarvel: Symphony of the Night, Fable II & Street Fighter 4;I played as Rufus because I was so transfixed by his stomach's boob-motion-dynamics!

RyanBelknap: Fallout 3: The Pit and Womens Murder Club 2 both for the PC. Also Dragon Warrior IV.

djratchet: I've been playing Resistance:Retribution, Guitar Hero III, Rock Band 1 & 2, and Ape Escape: On The Loose xD

giove_dea: I've been playing lots of Silent Hill Origins and Sims 2 Castaway. Oh...and lots of RockBand 2.

Deekman: oh yeah. Peggle DS and MewMew Tower on iPod Touch!

Deekman: Rhythm Heaven and Matt Hazard. That's it. Great games both though

Each week we'll ask you what your gaming week is on twitter. Send a reply to @olr and let us know how your week went!

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