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Bobby Blackwolf
Under Sedation LIVE
Geek Life

Apologies again on the 12-28-08 show

Discussion and Feedback on the Orange Lounge Radio LIVE program, including your suggestions for future topics and news on upcoming specials

Apologies again on the 12-28-08 show

Postby Blackwolf » Sun Dec 28, 2008 10:31 pm


I wanted to apologize AGAIN for the late start on the 12-28-08 show. There is one show a year that I do that goes over my usual one hour limit, and that's the final show of the year. It's been a tradition that myself and Kropotkin & Hendrix been doing for three years now. We attempted to move our show up an hour but due to technical difficulties on my end we wound up starting 30 minutes later than we expected (which was actually 30 minutes earlier than we usuall start.) We blocked out 2 hours for the show, and it wound up taking 2 hours 15 minutes.

The crew at OLR seemed fine with this (albiet I'm sure slightly annoyed that their show was going to end late) but since it's something I only do once a year they were very cordial about it. Apparently, though, I ruffled several people's feathers in the OLRmy due to pushing OLR back 45 minutes from their scheduled start time, and they let me know about it.

We rushed through our end (although we covered everything we wanted, we glossed over them) after hearing from several people that we needed to stop ASAP both privately and publicly.

I understand and appreciate that OLR's been going on for over 6 years - they're the ones that inspired me to even start the whole internet radio thing - but I've been on the air for 3 and a half years myself. I was kind of hoping I'd get a little bit of latitude from the OLRmy on the one night a year that I would have really liked it. As much as I've done my best to support OLR and this community, it would have been nice to have seen some of that support back from certain individuals that I highly respect within the community.

I apologize that I ruffled your feathers this time around. Technical difficulties on my end made us start late, which is why I'm even apologizing at all. I know everyone loves their OLR - just keep in mind that I'll be going long on the last weekend of 2009 as well. There were people just as upset on my end that we seemed rushed out the door. Next year I'll promise to do better on the tech side if y'all promise to give me some latitude. Cool?

Thanks. Here's to a great 2009.

-Bobby Blackwolf
OLR's Opening Act
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Avid Listener
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Postby act_deft » Sun Dec 28, 2008 11:39 pm

I wasn't today for the shows. I had some things that came up.
But it's sad to see that some OLRmy recruits made a big fuss about this.

Yeah, for OLR it's also a pretty big show for the end of the year, but hey, we have to be thankful that OLR is still standing tall after the Live365 fiasco and that allgames gave OLR a new home.

And shit happens all the time and unfortunately, it happened to you today.
But oh well, we just have to learn to deal with shit happening sometimes.

I'll be sure to catch both of the podcasts when they get uploaded.

Happy New Year to all.
And the best of luck.

No, MGS4 isn't coming to the 360. Never was, never will.
If I'm mistaken, Ranma gets a free copy of it. =P
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Radio Junkie
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Postby goldbanjo » Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:44 pm

Sorry if I complained at all blackwolf, I just got worried about olr being canceled :(

thanks agian for the home. I really do apprciate it.
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Postby gs68 » Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:40 pm

I was cool with the delay. Seeing as I'm usually not home until 5:50PM or so, this gave me a little chance to listen to some BBS.

I was just a little worried that the delay would shorten OLR's end-of-year special.
gs68 / TsundeRay - The OLRmy's SF Bay Area representative!
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Postby ssj100matt » Sun Jan 04, 2009 3:16 am


Although it was a very small majority of the chat-room that were complaining about the length of your end of the year special; there were also a greater amount of people (including myself) that deeply enjoyed it that also didn't mind the extended length... There was one person in particular who seemed to be the most vocal against OLR being pushed back, but i won't say who (even though this said person has a podcast of their own)... Regardless of who said anything, you were also very cordial about it and gave us prior warnings the week before and at the start of the show that OLR was to be pushed back slightly...

I can tell from the tone of your voice when it happened and now that this has upset you... And although i can't speak for the whole community (and especially those who were vocally complaining in chat) i am also deeply sorry that this situation put a damper on a night that was supposed to be special... But i just want you and your fans to remember that those few people that complained are not the whole voice of the OLRmy... Although they are entitled to their opinions, they were not understanding as much as they should be (and shame on them for that)... Like i said before, most of us in chat enjoyed the show and were understanding about the tech issues you had at the start of the show... Many of us who have listened to OLR and AGR know that shit happens and its really out of anyone's control when it does. I hope this clears up a few things and brings levity to the situation... And once again apologies for this situation in the chatroom to have happened...
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OLR Whore
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Postby Insanest » Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:59 am

I didn't even hear about this until this morning.

Come on OLRmy, you're classier than this.
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On-Air Talent
On-Air Talent
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Postby skie » Sun Jan 04, 2009 4:07 pm

I just hope me asking to bypass the OLR call didn't come off as rude, especially to the guests on Bobby's show. I was truly just trying to help Bobby take shortcuts so he could wrap up the show as quickly as possible. I knew that with so many people on Skype it was likely to be a long call, and there was worry over technical difficulties anyway.

In the end, cutting out the afterbirth and the phone call helped us make up the "lost" time so we really didn't stay that late in studio and the show itself was actually longer than a couple of the other recent shows.

We look forward to a long partnership & support system between our show and Bobby's show and any other future projects our people might come up with.
Rob Roberts-- Contaminating Internet Radio since 1998
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On-Air Talent
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Postby DarkTetsuya » Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:19 pm

Well, back in the day (like when we first started!) OLR didn't even start till 7PM, so I didn't mind so much....

And again it was one ep a year, like how you rarely take a vacation (though you did this week, which let rob do the 'all music preshow' thing again after so long... :P

Your show just gives me an excuse to fire up the stream at 5 instead of 5:55 :P

EDIT: and no need to tell US about technical difficulties... like the table that crashed our show about a month ago? XD
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