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Where are they now?! - RicePrincess PDF Print E-mail
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Saturday, 23 June 2012 20:30


Continuing our 10th anniversary week, I chat it up with one of our old semi-regular guests, Irene aka 'RicePrincess'! debuting this year is a 'general gaming' q&a (cause let's face it some people have just retired from the note-smashing) So hit the jump to see what she's been up to, and hear some of her stories from OLR memory lane!

1. So tell us about yourself. What are you up to these days?

Doing the whole college thing. Majoring in English (with a concentration in poetry...I desperately want people to think I'm all erudite and shit). Also working as an instructional assistant at a local community college part time. Still gaming when I have free time (which is pretty much only during school breaks ;_;). Despite my protests, we now have a 360 in our household, and even though I play it more than I care to admit, I still think the controller sucks.

2. So what kinda games do you play?

Old ones, really :3 I've slowly been working on the PSP version of Tactics Ogre (which is amazing), and I'll sometimes play a few rounds of UMvC3 (which I'm not good at) or Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (which I'm not too shabby at and wish I had more people that I could play against on XBL) when I'm super bored and not really involved in any other games. I also participate in the Guild Wars 2 beta weekends whenever I can. I'm sure there are other games that I've played recently, but I really don't want to have to remember anything that happened more than a week ago :(

3. Favorite videogame of all time?

Chrono Trigger. Duh.

4. Favorite composer (if any)

Like video game music composer, or composer in general? If it's the latter, I'd say probably Vivaldi or Borodin. If it's the former (which I suspect it is), probably Nobuo Uematsu or Yasunori Mitsuda. Wait, does Akira Yamaoka count? Because he's also one of my favoritest, too. Damn, that was a hard question :/

5. Favorite gaming accomplishment?

I don't know. I have many of them. Probably beating the original Rygar since that game was SO. FUCKING. HARD.

6. What was your first videogame?

Missile Command for the Atari 2600

7. Any memories from OLR that you'd like to share?

Not one specific memory, but I'm a little bit proud to say that I've been on a show in every single studio that OLR has used for the past decade :D

8. Final thoughts?

I will never be able to escape the handle RicePrincess even though I'm old and funty enough to be a queen :(


Huge thanks to Irene for talking to me! Tune in tomorrow as I talk to our very own Puppy aka Blacklab!

Last Updated on Saturday, 23 June 2012 20:34

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