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I can understand why we appreciate our classic consoles PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bresslol   
Friday, 06 March 2009 09:06

Bresslol is here to tell it like it is in the world of gaming in a new segment called Bresslol Bitches. The first thing I get to complain about - unreliable consoles.

I've been gaming since 1986, and EVERY single console I have owned has worked perfectly for me, even the PS2 I bought when it launched in 1999, even though I switched to the slim model in 2005. My N64, which I have had for 12 years, still works. My SNES is 17 years old, and still works perfectly. Hell, my NES, albeit being at my parents house, is TWENTY years old and still works.

What I cannot seem to understand is why the consoles, despite having FAR less superior technology, still work. Why is it, that my 360, after 19 months of being played, decided to stop working? When I had my Wii, it stopped working after 7 months. Are the console manufacturers looking to make these consoles so quickly and haphazardly that we have to pay for their mistakes? I mean, kudos to Microsoft for saying "Red ring, our bad, we'll cover it the first three years from the console's purchase", and Nintendo has always had exemplary customer service (Sony, I can't really say much about, customer service-wise), but really, is it worth having a dissatisfied customer for even a few weeks while that console is being fixed?

The point here is that these companies need to stop making buddy-buddy AFTER the fact. The fact that Microsoft LIED about the 360's failure rate is unacceptable. If they knew they were going to have that big a failure rate, maybe waiting until 2006 to release the 360 on the masses would have been a good idea, to iron out those bugs.

What irk me more is when a console does fail, companies for the most part try their hardest to make the customer responsible for the damage. I will tell you from retail experience and the stories I have heard from CSR reps that this will only irk the customer. If you say, "Hey, you know what, our bad, let's get that fixed for you ASAP", you will 10 times out of 10 make your customer happy and they will continue using your product and buying games and other products on it, giving you more money.

We just want to be happy gamers, and the console guys just want to be happy rich people. How hard is it to make everyone happy?



Last Updated on Friday, 06 March 2009 09:10

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