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I Love That Song! - Frustration has never sounded so good PDF Print E-mail
Written by act_deft   
Thursday, 04 August 2011 13:23


Seriously, dying over and over again isn't as frustrating with good music by your side.

Today's track is Passion for Exploring by SoulEye from VVVVVV

Please note due to copyright issues I can not make this song available for you to download directly.

VVVVVV is an indie platforming game released last year and it has gotten a lot of praise since then, and it sure deserves it. While a really simple game, it offers lots of challenge and it is quite original on what have to do to get through it. In VVVVVV you can't jump, but you can control gravity. If you want to go up you just press the Up button, want to go down, press down and that's it. It looks simple to master but you really need think and act quick if you don't want to get killed by the spikes that fill almost every space in each of the rooms you go through (hence why it is called VVVVVV). Like I said, it's a really fun and challenging game, one of the best of 2010, but of course a great game has to have great music, and VVVVVV doesn't disappoint.

The soundtrack to this game is superb, 8-Bit goodness. Let's take Passion for Exploring, it's a really smooth and kinda calmed song yet invigorating, something you would like to hear while you are playing a game like this one. The rest of the soundtrack also fits to every area in the game, some are more fast paced than today's feature, in fact my favorite song is Positive Force, which is one of the more active songs (I'll probably feature it on another time).

One thing to add is that this soundtrack also never gets old, at all. I mean, you can be dying several hundred of times trying to cross a room filled with spikes, but having this songs just make it seems like nothing. Probably why of the main things people talk about when they play VVVVVV is about the soundtrack and it is probbly because of that.

If you want to check out the rest of the soundtrack you can buy it at SoulEye's website at

Also, you can get VVVVVV right now with the Humble Indie Bundle 3 at 6 great games and you name the price, and part of it goes to Child's Play, Penny-Arcade's charity foundation, and also the EFF (The Electronic Frontier Foundation). So help them out and get some really cool games, like VVVVVV, in the process. You still have 5 days from now to get it so hurry.

If you have suggestions or recommendations for future "I love that song" segments or just wanna comment about the song please click the "Add new comment" link or contact us via Twitter: @Darktetsuya or me, @act_deft!

Until next time, keep on explorin'!

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 August 2011 13:37

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