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Written by Deekman   
Sunday, 15 February 2009 18:20
Orange Lounge Radio is the longest running weekly show/podcast about video games online, starting as a non-stop 24hr/7day internet radio station dedicated to Video Games in May of 2002. Orange Lounge Radio got it’s start as an internet radio station originally started to pay tribute to music-based video games such as Dance Dance Revolution, Parappa the Rappa, and Bust a Move. The centerpiece of the live station was a live three-hour talk show on sunday nights. Three avid gamers with varying experience in Radio & Internet Radio sat down to chat about the DDR community. The “feel” of the show was similar to that of a gathering of friends at a diner after a long night of gaming. As the listeners increased, and the arcade community began to cool, Orange Lounge Radio began to slowly expand into areas of other video games. Orange Lounge Radio launched a weekly podcast show in Early January of 2005, making it one of the first video game podcasts available on the internet. The incredible fan community behind Orange Lounge Radio helped it to win the 2005 Podcast Award for best gaming podcast. The podcast has also enjoyed brief media attention locally, and brief features on the iTunes music store and Yahoo! Podcasts. Orange Lounge Radio is hosted by 3 fans of gaming:
Rob Roberts, also known as “skie”, who brings prior years of amateur & college radio experience to the program, as well a childhood full of Atari 2600 and Commodore 64, and an adulthood full of Playstation 2, X-BOX, and Gamecube. Follow him on twitter @skie
Jamie Summers, also known as “Dark Sakura”, who brings previous internet radio experience to the program as well as ties to many fandom communities, including being a long-time Anime fan, Namco fangirl (having once worked for them) and fan of fire! Follow her on twitter @DarkSakura
The one and only “LOKI”who delves deep into the underground gaming scene, reporting on the modding and hacking scene as well as providing witty and insightful commentary on gaming news and trends. By day, LOKI acquires lots of insider knowledge and provides analysis on the inner-workings of the games industry in which he's employed. Follow him on twitter @LOKI_OLR
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