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Courtesy of DJ RanmaS: Beatmania: Return of the DJ, Death of the Dance Skit PDF Print E-mail
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Saturday, 26 June 2010 19:57

(Note, I didn't write this, our resident con-goer Ranma did, so hit the jump for the full report!)


I’ve been going to anime cons for over ten years. It was fun seeing all of these comedy skits. Then about a few years back, I found myself a part of the skit revolution. Dance skits became the in thing. It all started with Dance Dance Revolution. At the time, DDR was BEMANI. It was what most of us knew and what we did skits about. Then along came Pop’n Music, Beatmania, as well as other BEMANI titles. Then during all of this we got anime. Tons of anime musical skits flooded the convention scene. They were alright and don’t get me wrong I love them. But a lot of today’s generation forgot about their roots of musical skits and where they were originated. So on June 19th at the Anime NEXT 2010 Masquerade, Cupcake Cosplay decided to set the record straight with this skit.

It is an honor and a privilege to present to you, the BEMANI fans and community: Beatmania- Return of the DJ, Death of the Dance Skit!

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 June 2010 20:56

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