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ORANGE LOUNGE RADIO: BEST HITS (A sneak peek) PDF Print E-mail
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Sunday, 07 February 2010 21:19


I know that this is something that I've both been wanting to make, and have promised some progress on getting it completed in the new year. After doing some digging in our earliest archived shows (EPIC king-sized thank you to VxJasonxV and Rychan for upping the first 20 episodes to the olrchive, this would not have been possible otherwise!), I went thru the episodes looking for particularly memorable moments to include in this highlight montage. Hit the jump to read more about this trip down memory lane!


Of course, since it was our humblest beginnings, the topics primarily centered around Konami's Dance Dance Revolution and beatmania/IIDX series of arcade and home games. But don't let that stop you from listening to this special compilation, as most everything that OLR is known for today, was still present way back in our earliest episodes, all starting on June 23rd, 2002.

As for narrating this collossal trainwreck, a surprising turn of events lead to longtime fangirl Misty offering to step up to the mic for me and provide narration for this, which you will hear in the preview.

I don't have an ETA for when this will be completed, but as soon as it is I'll let you know where you can obtain it. :D

Before I go, I wanted to clue you in on what to expect in the next volume of the best of series: The Musical Number!!

- Reverse Cagematch (from #69)
- KARAOKE REVOLUTION EXPLOSION (featuring both appearances of Karaoke Revolution as played on Orange Lounge Radio
- A look back at the 'Power Previews' around the time when we were just getting used to the whole 'podcasting' thing

And much more!

Last Updated on Monday, 08 February 2010 00:29

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