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Twitter Your Gaming Week: Week of May 16 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Deekman & The OLRmy   
Thursday, 28 May 2009 06:59

Ok I admit it I dropped the ball! Better late than never though. Here's what you've been playing last week through the magic of Twitter your gaming week!! Also happy belated birthday to DJRanmaS!

Ranma Saotome DJRanmaS MT: I think I have everyone beat... Played DDR 4th Mix Plus! @GoldAntro Today is my birthday.

Steve sbhale Playing lots of Brain Challenge on #xbox360. Very similar to Big Brain Academy but a fun $5 purchase when it was on sale recently.

Matt poorleno111 Sacred 2 Fallen Angel for me, kinda buggy but great game to me.

AlphaCananogram AlphaCananogramIcon_lock Super Mario World 2: YOSHI'S ISLAND on SNES

Tora Mulligan | 森岩虎 GimmeTOKYOIcon_lock pokemon silver|platinum|sapphire|diamond, final fantasy IX and chrono cross

Marron Marvel MarronMarvel Gaming week? Lots of motion sickness w/ FEAR 2 & fun with Prince of Persia.

Ilya 13xforever: All of the Fallout 3 DLCs (Anchorage was cool, The Pitt was entertaining, Broken Steel just started). Also, a little bit of FF XII.

Ryan Belknap RyanBelknap Here is mine, Beat all of the 2nd season of Sam and Max, and working on LOST for the PC. Oh, also beat the game of Plants vs Zombies.

James Blocksom djtyrant World of WarCraft, Peggle (WoW), Peggle (iPhone), Final Fantasy XII, Little Big Planet, Puzzle Quest (original and Galatrix)

Miguel Farias act_deft Rock Band 2 and Forza 2, yeah that's it... slow gaming week for me this time.

Joe Reno DarkTetsuya more GT Pro Racing (only a few more races left!) an embarassing death in La-Mulana, and the Red Faction demo (meh :/)

Jason VxJasonxV Eternal Darkness, NHL 09, Crackdown (need to find someone to help me get the purple rings), Braid (Mac), and uhhh. I think that's it.

Richard Sprague rasprague guitar hero arcade (really just gh3); a little bit.trip beat; a little of my own game, hExistentialism for the iPhone (shameless plug

Kevin Kroze Plants Vs. Zombies. That's the only game my PC will handle properly while the graphics card is dead.

Lord Duke the Baron ScruffyK I haven't had a gaming week, got my reapaired PS3 back on Tuesday, it broke again on Thursday... it's on it's way back to Sony again :

Raymond A. / gs68 Ray_AyanamiIcon_lock At Fanime: Pop'n Music 14 AC, Tetris TGM, NiGHTS Into Dreams, Para Para Paradise 2nd Mix, Gradius Gaiden, Radiant Silvergun, and more!

Corey Sacrey Corey31 Transformers: The Game (Loki was right, this game sucks), Rock Band 2, 1 vs 100 Canadian Beta, and finally Punch-Out!!!

Jon Bressler bresslol gears 1 and 2, arkanoid live, rb2, halo 3

Nathan Storck magicalnathan Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2, Audiosurf, Plants vs. Zombies, Rock Band 2.

jean-louis proust akeripper sims 3, prince of persia, mass effect, lost odyssey, phantasy star

Andre Krider iamNiceonKeysIcon_lock Wolverine

Surtur Surtur I've been playing, really trying to understand, the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite demo for the PSP. Looks great though.

Deacon Ross Deekman Team Fortress 2 (PC), Space Invaders Extreme (XBLA). I think that's it but I've been playing TF2 for nearly 17 hours!

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 May 2009 07:01

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