Orange Lounge Radio Episode 800 - 12/1/2019 Print
Written by skie   
Sunday, 01 December 2019 23:08

We start off with big thanks to everyone who has participated over the years for helping us reach 800 episodes of our show. A look back wouldn't be complete without some serious tangents, however, and then we get into our gaming weeks which include deep dives on games like Death Stranding and impressions on Google Stadia. There's plenty of news too, including the Pokemon Company taking on leakers! Do we think there's any point or reason for them to do this, or are leaks just a part of doing business online?


Also in the news:


* PS5 Dev Kit photographed (if to be believed)

* Highest Rated games of 2019

* Battleborn to close in 2021

* No Mans Sky Synthesis Update


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