Orange Lounge Radio Episode 772 - 4/14/19 Print
Written by skie   
Sunday, 14 April 2019 21:28

Nintendo Labo VR was released this week, and LOKI brings his cardboard to the studio for our hosts to try out and give impressions live. We talk a little about this first Nintendo jump into the VR scene. We also talk about some controversial DLC that has made it's way into the remaster of Resident Evil 2, yet seems to be an ongoing trend in the industry. Why do pay-to-unlock keys keep coming out in the various online stores? We discuss, and get into the other big topics of the week.


Also in the news:

* Apex Legends bans by Hardware ID

* PS4 Name Changes

* Xbox One S All Digital potential details

* Antstream Classic Game Streaming service


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