Orange Lounge Radio Episode 771 - 4/7/19 Print
Written by skie   
Sunday, 07 April 2019 21:12

Final Fantasy VI turned 25 years old this week, and our hosts take a moment to reflect on some memories involving this classic title. Those memories turn to looking to the future as well, as we look to how to preserve gaming memories like this for future generations among an industry filled with remasters, remakes and re-releases. Then we move onto the gaming news of the week which involes a major exclusive agreement involving Borderlands 3's upcoming release that has some gamers so mad that they have taken to review bombing earlier entries in the game's franchise. Tune in for this and MORE on this week's show!


Also in the news:

* Switch Online to stop getting NES games eventually

* UK investigation into online service renewals

* Bioware Story circulating the Internet

* Fortnite to add Reboot Vans


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