Orange Lounge Radio Episode 764 - 2/17/19 Print
Written by skie   
Sunday, 17 February 2019 21:58

Nintendo put out a new Direct this week, which included teases for Super Mario Maker 2 as well as a re-imagining of an old Zelda game. We talk about our reactions to this Direct, as well as more topics of the week including some sad news involving layoffs at Activision-Blizzard. All this and MORE on another episode of the show where every gamer has a voice, Orange Lounge Radio!


Also in the news:

* Copy of Super Mario Bros sells for 100K

* Capcom Music on Spotify

* Red Dead Online Update

* Fortnite Dance Lawsuit updates


All this and more on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio!

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