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Sunday, 30 June 2019 22:25

Video Games and Television worlds look to collide again several times in the coming year as Final Fantasy XIV, hot on the heels of it's newest expansion, is announced to have a television show in development. This is quite the turnaround for a game that was considered one of the worst MMOs ever on it's initial release. The development deals don't stop there though, as a series around the development of the video game Doom is also picked up for a pilot from one channel that knows their drama. It's not just television talk, as there's plenty more in gaming news to keep us going this week, as well as a phone call from our voiceover guy Jason later in the show, talking about first hand experience at Summer Games Done Quick!


Also in the news:


* Valve Steam Sale confuses many

* Bloodstained issues on the Switch to be addressed

* PUBG to not just be Battle Royale anymore

* Flappy Bird on the other hand, gets a Battle Royale inspired clone


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