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Written by Deekman & Kikineko   
Monday, 16 March 2009 21:02
One of the greatest survival horror games spanning the last 3 generations. Silent Hill made a huge splash on the video games scene when it was released in America on January 31st 1999. The Playstation graphics, awesome CD quality sound track, story and monster design perfected the budding survival horror genre.
sh2_pyramid_headSince it`s release in 1999 Silent Hill has spawned 4 direct sequels, 1 prequel, various spin off games and digital media, a slew of books and one of the best game to movie films ever made. This best selling series has brought chills to players 6 game systems, most recently in HD on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. 
Silent Hill is famous for using ambient devices such as sound and graphical shifts at key moments to emit a strong sense of fear in the player. The most notable of this is the eerie music and the softly crackling radio that alerts to the presence of approaching monsters, as well as the piercing tone of the siren sounding as the town shifts from regular bad to straight up evil.
A horror title centered in a small town full of some of the most frightening monsters in gaming history is likely to send chills up even the toughest of spines. Adding a plot that draws seemingly innocent, unsuspecting people into the town and forcing them to face their demons if they ever want to leave. With each visit the characters solve their own mysteries and we learn a little bit more about the mystery that is Silent Hill.
"The scariest game of all time" is not all killer babies and Pyramid Heads. It also features bonus endings and easter eggs including a conclusion that reveals that a dog was controlling Silent Hill all along which is followed by a techno barking song and characters dancing in the credits. 
Although the newer titles have received criticism from fans, mainly for changing development studios and the introduction of more action oriented characters. Even after a decade Silent Hill is impressing and frightening fans of the series and even new wanderers into the town... 
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