I Love That Song - Splash Wave (1986) Print
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Tuesday, 14 April 2009 22:54


Splash Wave (1986)
Composed by: Hiroshi Miyau

Surprise! Another racing game track. But I figured since Outrun Online Arcade drifts its way onto XBLA today (and European PS3 owners, thanks @sega on twitter for clearing that up!!) that I'd pick a selection from one of the previous Outrun titles.

My selection this week is Splash Wave (1986) from the Outrun 2 soundtrack. A jazzed up remix of the original Outrun song, revamped for a new generation of racing fans while retaining the spirit of the original 1986 classic game.

I must say, racing with your blonde passenger, screaming down the interstate at 100mph and trying to make the next checkpoint there's nothing more exhilirating. Especially all the while drifting thru traffic trying not to wipe out (and get the chewing out of a lifetime from your blonde-haired passenger. ;)

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