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Friday, 29 June 2012 19:18


Wrapping up the 2nd year of 'Where are they now' with a big one! One of our earliest fans, DDRAngel chats with me about some of her favorite videogames, and what she's been up to lately. So hit the jump to read her answers!!

1. So tell us about yourself. What are you up to these days?

A: Happily married to one of the other early OLRmy members, BigRedPimp. I'm doing several projects/sites right now that take up a lot of my work week to keep them all going. The main ones however are http://theecomaker.com which is a blog focusing on the Eco-friendly/Budget-friendly lifestyle. Another site related to that one launched this year as well http://365.theecomaker.com which is for our 365 photo blog where you can see a behind the scenes photo of what we like to call the Ecomaker HQ.

2. So what kinda games do you play?

A: I pretty much play anything from what's on Steam to World of Warcraft and Diablo 3.

3. Favorite videogame of all time?

A: This one is really hard to pinpoint. In short, it's a very close tie between Dragon Warrior (I'd rather be typing Dragon Quest) or Chrono Trigger.

4. Favorite composer (if any)

A: First choice has to be Akira Yamaoka but a very close second has to be Koji Kondo

5. Favorite gaming accomplishment?

A: There's two that I have to mention here. Beating both Contra and Gradius III along side my father. Best memories ever.

6.What was your first video game?

A: Joust, while standing on one of those plastic chairs to be able to work the joystick while dad helped with the buttons. Hey, give me a break! I was three!

7. Any memories from OLR that you'd like to share?

A: There are too many great memories to share. Anything like OLR can be full amazing memories when it is shared with such great life long friends such as Loki, DarkSakura and Skie.

8. Final thoughts?

A: Ten more years!


Big time thank yous to DDRAngel for taking the time to do an interview with me. Tomorrow I think I'll have one more article just as a 'my final thoughts' on ten years of OLR memories and what have you ... then after that, who knows? Hopefully I'll be able to contribute more to the new site over at http://www.vognetwork.com so stay tuned!

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