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Sunday, 24 June 2012 21:53


Before I start OMFG go listen to the podcast! (which should be up by the time you read this... unless you're a night owl or something) The 10th anniversary show of OLR may have just concluded, but the celebration continues here on the site! So hit the jump to see what Blacklab has been up to!!


1. So tell us about yourself. What are you up to these days?

I finally finished construction management course and graduated with a bachelors degree. It didn't get me much though, was jobless for a while. Moved back to the bay area and eventually found a job doing CAD work for a plant that makes folding glass walls.

2. Favorite BEMANI game?

As much as I liked the music selections of the GF/DM stuff, and how much I played DDR, IIDX was always the big challenge I liked (despite always suckign at it)

3. Favorite mix from said series?

Definitely 6th style. (ED: I'm inclined to agree, honestly)

4. Favorite song/artist? (doesn't have to be from your favorite game/series)

5. Any tournament memories you want to share? (also, PA or Freestyle?)

Oh man, organizing CVGL1 was a nightmare and a half (FUCK MIGRAINES) and I was so upset that I missed a fantastic freestyle lineup. I still had to come back later that night and clean up after you fuckers too. [>_<]

6. Proudest accomplishment?

Somehow beating Tigger Eugene at Bemani By the Bay. I swear I still don't know how that happened.

7. Any memories from OLR you'd like to share? / Or, memories from playing DDR/BEMANI?

I remember my first time out at the studio, borrowing my parents' old minivan to drive up to Sac for the weekend. Sadly I did not get to participate in any legendary drunk shows.

8. Do you still play DDR/IIDX/etc. nowadays? / If not, what ARE you playing?

I haven't played much of any Bemani stuff in years, but I still keep the music spirit alive with DJ Hero and Dance Central (and I still kick ass at both)

9. If you've seen what DDR is like now, do you feel it's 'jumped the shark'? Share your thoughts on that.

It jumped the shark years ago, since then it's also harpooned the shark, beaten it with a hockey stick, and mounted its head on the mantle above the fireplace. The US versions just didn't have the flair or power that the Japanese originals had. Not to mention waaaay more shitty song selections.

10. Obligatory 'your first time playing DDR' story

My first time seeing it was the summer of 2001, out playing minigolf at CVGL with my family and my brother and I tried it for the first time on an original USA mix machine. I think Stomp To My Beat was the first song we tried (and failed hard at). We ended up getting a set of soft pads for our PSone and I dove in head first. My brother lost interest after a few months.

11. Final thoughts?

Holy shit has it really been 10 years now? You guys are making me feel old (despite being younger than everyone). Keep rocking it.

Big thanks fot BlackLab for doing the interview! Still deciding who I want to do tomorrow so stay tuned! I promise I'll have another one up tomorrow!

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