The Hunt: The Jade Key! Print
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Sunday, 22 April 2012 22:02

Have you completed the first gate yet? If not you'd better get to work! As for the rest of you, hit the jump for your next challenge!




The video opens with a field out in the middle of nowhere, empty save for a small white house. DarkTetsuya in his blue jeans and Pac-Man tshhirt, is standing next to the mailbox in front of the white house.

So, finished WarGames (or Galaga), did ya?" (If not click here!) He then pulls a small jade key out of his pockets. "Anyway if you haven't already guessed, the Jade Key awaits at the end of the INFOCOM text adventure classic, Zork!

So send me a screenshot of the ending screen (or failing that, a screenshot of the 'death by grue' that made its way to nerd culture legendary status!) The starting bounty for this challenge is 32,000 points, enough to give anyone a sizable lead over the competition! So tweet/email me at the usual place, hashtag #thehuntolr!

EDIT: act-deft just claimed the Jade Key, so it's down to 31,000! Anyone could still catch up though so get to it!
EDIT: OrangeRight is hot on his tail! your reward is 30,000 points now!
EDIT: TigerClaw got in a surprise entry, so the bounty drops to 29,000! ... make it 28,000! those IOI bastards are finally catching up!

"Here's a link to an online Java version, so get cracking!" He then pockets the key and walks into the house.

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