I Love That Song! - Sending off a segment in style! Print
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Tuesday, 14 February 2012 20:44


(KONAMI WILL SUE so I can't link you to download this directly.)

Welp OLRmy veterans, this next sunday marks the end of an era (no pun intended... even though I don't think most of you would 'GET IT') here on Orange Lounge Radio.

One of our longest running segments, (Second to only the FUs of the Week), is the OLR Cagematch! Three songs enter, one song leaves! And this song was the theme music for that segment. However for those of you that tuned in this past Sunday, you know that the segment's days are coming to an end this next week.

So I decided I'd revisit this song as a final farewell of sorts for this segment on OLR. (I'm sure they'll keep it around for random break music, so it's not like we'll never hear it again.)

EDIT 2/20/2012: and sure enough after the last cagematch ended the votes were all thrown away and Holic came out the last song to ever win Cagematch... Honorable mention going to the Ecstasy 14 Hour Club Mix that LOKI submitted, which would've won.

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