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Written by DarkTetsuya   
Friday, 18 November 2011 18:23

19, November:

20, November: (DDR Ver.)
20, November (beatmania version):
(KONAMI WILL SUE, so I can't link you to download directly.)

So this year I thought I'd add the original beatmania version since I found it online somewhere... I'm sure I've explained these before but to recap:

19, November appeared in both IIDX, as well as one of the XBOX original versions of DDR (and possibly even one of the JPS2 versions!)

20, November has been around for almost as long as Konami's music games have, debuting in beatmania (the 5 key one) and later appearing in DDR as well. (EDIT: also important to note that's the composer dj nagureo's birthday!)

If you're looking to celebrate further, hit the JTV link in my last post to watch the DDR 40-hour marathon if it's started yet! (starts at 5AM EST/2AM PST at the link in the previous post.)

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