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Friday, 07 October 2011 13:17



Confound these ponies, they drive me to write articles!

Today's track is Training Ska from Rhythm Heaven!

Please note due to copyright issues I can not make this song available for you to download directly

Rhythm Heaven, a game about, well, rhythm! There is really not that much into but it is an extremely fun game (from the makers of Warioware Inc. nonetheless). It can be somewhat frustrating but still it is very graphical and musically appealing. One of the many songs in this game is the music from Munchy Monk, it is a ska song with Elephants playing Saxophones and Trumpets on the the background while you tap the screen so the monk can eat to the rhythm. Yeah, it is weird but still the song is really fun to hear, albeit a bit short to really enjoy it, but the visuals sure help.

And now for some ponies! Hit the "read more" button to watch the video!

I think I don't have to explain to you the My Little Pony phenomenon that is taking the internet by storm. There are a lot of videos of My Little Pony and video games that I have wanted to post about (even music), but I think this one is cute, funny and enjoyable overall and truly deserves a mention here.

MysteryBen27 has other great pony videos, like Twilight goes to DJ School, which is another Rhythm Heaven related video. Or DJ FLYSHY playing Butterfly So check out the rest of his videos, you'll find something you'll like.

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Until next time, keep on munchin'!

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