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Tuesday, 26 July 2011 13:38
Video Stumble is back and I hope you don't want it gone!

Today's video is related to Portal 2 and the inspiration for the widely popular Space Core.
"What's the Space Core?" you might be asking, well you can either go play the most awesome sequel to one the best games of all time or just hit the page break and spoil yourself.

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First, we'll see the Space Core.

And now let's see the inspiration for it.

This Oregon Coast Aquarium commercial is what inspired the Space Core. After some of the people working on Portal 2 saw the commercial, they pretty much took the idea and placed it into the personality core, but instead of being obssesed with aquariums, he's into SPACE! And consideirng how the ending turns out, it pretty much fits way better .

By the way if you want to learn more cool tidbits and information about the development of Portal 2, check out The Final Hours of Portal 2. You can buy it on the Apple App store and on Steam

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