I Love That Song! - After the dust settled, one game was left standing in USL/OLR MADNESS! Print
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Tuesday, 22 March 2011 17:23


(Kefka will destroy the world if I let you download this song... so I can't, sorry.)

So incase you haven't heard, this year's USL/OLR madness finally drew to a close this week. After it was all over, one game stood as king of the hill: FINAL FANTASY VI. This game was so great it was even revisited in OLR's 'Classic Game' segment, and for good reason!

Anyway to celebrate this game's victory in the recent USL/OLR Madness, I thought I'd go with my favorite selection from this epic game (Which I have to say as the first FF I ever completed after 62 hours, to this day it remains my favorite!)

After starting the game as the former Magitech soldier Terra (or Tina if you want to go with the original JP version names) eventually you lose control of her. That's where Locke comes in... Then his theme starts to play. The best part is his theme plays all throughout the first time you get control of him, so if you love his theme, this is definetly the best part of his introduction!

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