I Love That Song! - To celebrate the announcement of MAXIMUM TUNE 4! Print
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 19:10


(I can't offer this song for download legally, sorry.)

I meant to do this song last week (to coincide with the announcement of the next game in NAMCO-Bandai's long-running Wangan Midnight: MAXIMUM TUNE series of arcade racing games,  but it was pre-empted by Zelda's 25th birthday....

Anyway this song was a remix of a song that I believe appeared only in the original MAXIMUM TUNE but not in the 2nd one.

What can I really say about this song, its high-octane awesomeness composed by the one and only Yuzo Koshiro, whose pedigree includes games like Bare Knuckle II/Streets of Rage 2, ActRaiser, and he even made a brief appearance in Dance Dance Revolution, on EXTREME 2/DDR STR!KE.

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