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Written by DarkTetsuya   
Friday, 10 September 2010 20:39


Here's something I've been meaning to post for a while but I couldn't find the right time for it... so I figured since today was his birthday I'd just go ahead and throw it up now.

Those of you who listen to the podcast might know LOKI as a master hacker, who's been known to hack GTA4 or play around with modded XBOX 360 consoles, but back in the day he was also known for being quite good at coming up with amazing remixes, which I wanted to highlight some of my favorites.

So hit the jump to take a listen to some of his work throughout the years!


If you want any of these, just hop into our IRC channel, I'm sure someone would be happy to hook you up! :3

Battle Wthout Honor Or Humanity - I've featured a couple of these before. Like this one, a remix of the song featured in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill saga.

Dark Black Forest -Midnight Angel Mix- Back when DDRMAX was released on the Playstation 2, it featured some all new licensed songs, and this was a remix one of them.

Don't Play Nice -Zodiac Mix- - You might know this one from its appearance in Orange Lounge Revolution when it was first released, but this one actually came about a little before that, a mashup of two songs, Zodiac (which appeared in the so-close-to-DDR-they-got-sued game In The Groove, and 'Don't Play Nice' was from DDR Universe on XBOX 360.

QQQuasar - Would you believe I was the one that inspired this mashup? a fusion of two beatmania IIDX songs, QQQ (TaQ, from IIDX 5th Style) and Quasar (Outphase, IIDX 9th Style, Outphase being a collaboration between dj TAKA and TaQ), I'd came up with the idea when listening to QQQ, some reason the quieter parts from quasar just seemed like a perfect match, and thus this mashup was born!

Schlagwerk (DarkSakura will FUCK YOU UP Mix) - What can I say about this one, it's Schlagwerk (podcast's 'Fuck Yous of the week theme), only more fucking angsty!!

Legend of Trance 2004 - Anyone who's played Orange Lounge Revolution 2nd MIX will recognize this song as the new Extra Stage song... and even if you haven't I think this song is just awesome anyway... definetly feels like a song Konami would've used in DDR at some point.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed my look at some of LOKI's older work, maybe someday I'll feature a piece I came up with because I was so inspired by his stuff I wanted to see what I could come up with (I gotta warn ya though, it's probably pretty terrible) so if I get enough requests I may feature it!

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