I Love That Song! - Not to be confused with 'Radio Flyer' Print
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Tuesday, 08 June 2010 19:48

- Original Version
- Milestone remix, by Sota Fujimori feat. Sana
For legal reasons I can't make these available for download directtly.

As with last week's pick, I thought I'd mention what IIDX song I list as my favorite. Back in the day it was definetly Absolute, back in IIDX 4th Style, but then after hearing this track from 8th, I totally loved it just a little bit more. I can't describe what it is about TAKA's work that I love so much, you just have to listen for yourselves.

Sometime in 2007, there was an album released called 'Milestone', which featured one disc of many of TAKA's tracks from throughout IIDX's history, but the 2nd disc was way more interesting. Several of TAKA's other songs, all remixed by a different BEMANI artist. For Rainbow Flyer it was left to Konami mainstay Sota Fujimori (Look to the Sky) While I'm not the biggest fan of Sana Shintani's vocals in this version, I did like the remix that Sota came up with.

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