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Written by act_deft   
Friday, 03 July 2009 10:46


So freaking adorable =3

Today's pick is Stepping Wind (Wahoo Stomp) from Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

Please note due to copyright issues I can not make this song available for you to download directly.

I love Klonoa, a lot. But I think I wouldn't be a fan of his if it weren't for Lunatea's Veil. While it might look a bit bland, it's still a solid platformer with many interesting puzzles thrown in too. As for the music, most of the songs are mystifying, like a dream. But Stepping Wind (also known as Wahoo Stomp) is really different from the other tracks in the game, it's upbeat and adorable too, something completely different. And it's really cool to hear Klonoa singing too, even though you might not understand what the heck is saying, besides "WAHOO!".


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