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Written by Deekman & The OLRmy   
Monday, 08 June 2009 16:38

Aha! Didn't I promise you I'd get them up this week! Sorry for the mix up last week with the press conferences I missed a bunch of updates! Anywho here's what my fellow members of the OLRmy have been playing this week! Looks like 1 vs 100 and inFAMOUS were both big hits! What did you guys think of them? Let me know in the comments!

If you want to let us know what you've been playing send an @ reply to olr on twitter!

Steve sbhale My gaming week last week: Wii-Rayman Raving Rabbids, Animal Crossing. Xbox 360-1vs100, Ticket to Ride. PS2-Final Fantasy X

Chris Cheetham TheCheet I should be given an uncharted beta because I have never played it, and consider any realism in games to be ultimately contrived. XOXOX

Misty MistyOLR ddr sn, x, max2 (had 1 song that wasnt AA yet & LoM was only a B ^^;) also, rock band 2 (yes, i have a copy again ^^; )

Corey Sacrey Corey31 Art Style: ORBIENT, Guitar Hero: World Tour, NHL 09 and finally went back to finish BioShock

BlueSwim BlueSwim Project Gotham Racing 4. Better than PGR3 in some ways, worse in others. A 90 MPH crash should do much more visual damage to the car.

Jason VxJasonxV Oh yeah, and Crackdown and Peggle (Crack/down/ and... Crack! Ha!)

Jason VxJasonxV 1 v 100, Braid ( http://vxjasonxv.livejourna... ), Eternal Darkness (need to beat that >_>), NHL '09 and Megaman Legends

Mel (aka dj melvis) djmelvis 1 vs. 100 beta (XBL), Peggle (XBL), NBA Live (360)

Miguel Farias act_deft Rock Band 2, Peggle and Space Invaders Extreme (both XBLA), and Tetris TGM clone (thanks to @Ray_Ayanami for that)

James Blocksom djtyrant World of WarCraft, Peggle

Patti giove_dea Animal Crossing, RockBand Unplugged, FusionFalls, and back into my WoD game.

Marron Marvel MarronMarvel Finished Avalon Code, Prince of Persia. Lost way too many hours to Sims 3, darn addicting game!

Joe Reno DarkTetsuya all the racing game announcements had me going back to Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec on PS2.

Javier Altman javieraltman Fucktons of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on my PC, tried out Sony's "Free Realms" and some games (Foodie Monster)

Erika Ross kikineko The Sims 3!!!!!!!!!!111!!1!one!!

Raymond A. / gs68 Ray_Ayanami Metal Slug 7, Sonic Unleashed (Wii), Yume Nikki.

Ranma Saotome DJRanmaS Almost done with Final Fantasy III, and played a little Rock Band 2. ^^

Deacon Ross Deekman inFAMOUS and Drawn to Life both AWESOME games! Also grabbed Penumbra off Steam, scared the crap outta me!

TakeoRey TakeoRey Punch Out and FFIV After Years

Fernando Carvalho fahnando 1 vs 100 is pretty fun.

Carlton Hackett Bluraven I actually played Mass Effect for the first time...and I absolutely am LOVING it!!!

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