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Written by Deekman and the OLRmy   
Monday, 04 May 2009 17:01

Twitter what a grand way to communicate! Let's a take a look at what the OLRmy has been playing this week!

Johnnyleoxen@olr Gaming Week: Played Angel's Feather ~Kohaku no Hitomi~ [Eroge], Space Channel 5 Part 1&2, MvC2, Project Justice, and SF3 Third Strike~2:58 PM May 3rd from web in reply to olr

Solomon Choekyubic@olr pokemon platinum...*shamed*.12:39 PM May 3rd from mobile web

SurturSurtur@olr Patapon 2 Demo.10:33 AM May 3rd from PockeTwit in reply to olr

Ryan BelknapRyanBelknap@olr Here is my gaming week: Yakuza 2 for the PS2, also Fallout 3 for the PC. I also completed Ep. 1 of Season 2 of Sam and Max.6:49 AM May 3rd from web

Miguel Fariasact_deft@olr This week I played Rock Band 2, Pokemon Platinum and Outrun XBLA3:41 AM May 3rd from TwitterFox

Daniel ShattoDanShadow@olr Been on an indie game trip. I played Zeno Clash, Cogs, And Yet It Moves, and Between11:41 PM May 2nd from web in reply to olr

Ilya13xforever@olr Finished The Last Remnant. It was EPIC. Now I returned to Tomb Raider: Underworld to finish it too. Cheers. ..V(^.~)11:33 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck in reply to olr

Robert GaussRailgunGames@olr Gaming Week: Hotel Dusk (finished!), Jumble Madness (it's okay), Prism: Light the Way (Nice, but tiny graphics), Marble Saga K (great)10:19 PM May 2nd from web in reply to olr

Stevesbhale@olr Playing Braid for X360 and old school Final Fantasy X for PS2. On the last stage of both, hoping to finish before the weekend is done.8:56 PM May 2nd from web in reply to olr

JasonVxJasonxV@olr Eternal Darkness, Eternal Darkness, Eternal Darkness. And tonight? Virtual On!8:47 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck in reply to olr

Ranma SaotomeDJRanmaS@olr I've been levelgrinding in FF3 all week.8:32 PM May 2nd from txt

KevinKroze@olr Burnout Paradise, Fallout 3, got back into Drift City (racing MMO), Rock Band 2, Garry's Mod, Same stuff as always. I need new games.8:09 PM May 2nd from web in reply to olr

Raymond A. / gs68Ray_AyanamiIcon_lock@olr Tetris TGM and clones, Tetramino, DTET, Space Invaders Extreme (DS and PSP), Bangai-O Spirits, Portal.8:05 PM May 2nd from TwitterFox in reply to olr

Joe RenoDarkTetsuya@OLR just bought GT Pro Racing on Wii (steep learning curve at first, but a fun game if you don't mind all Japanese cars ^^;)7:49 PM May 2nd from web

Deacon RossDeekman@olr Earthbound 0, DarkSector, Combat Arms, Team Fortress 2 and Banjo-Tooie! Been a busy week.7:33 PM May 2nd from TwitterFon in reply to olr

Josh Stollrpgking7@olr My gaming week has been Persona 4 all the way!7:33 PM May 2nd from TwitterFox in reply to olr

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