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Postby DarkSakura » Sun May 25, 2008 7:33 pm

Dear OLR (and Loki too)

I have a macintosh and I don't use it to play games. I can understand
why Loki would not like a macintosh computer, because he uses his
computer to play video games. Now can we shut up about this whole
"Loki hates macintoshes" thing? They just don't serve his needs.

That's not why I wrote. I wrote because I have few things I want to
say about nintendo and their recent revelation that they aren't
holding back stock and everybody thinking that wii (and ds) games
don't sell. A quick look at vgchartz shows otherwise, and in a big
way. Sure, Wii and DS software may not sell 6 million units in the
first 8 weeks of sales, but they're on the charts a long longer than 8

Just looking at this week, the top 10 games (on the list)
has 8 Wii or DS titles, and while mario kart ds may have only sold
roughly 1/20th of what gta iv did, with 127,000 units in its 129th
week of sales, it sold 4 times what gta san andreas at 129 weeks of
sales with roughly 30,000 sold. And that's comparing mario kart ds, a
good title, certainly "A" quality, but still, a handheld, minor title
compared to Grand Theft Auto, and it's holding its own. But, weekly
sales are unimportant here, the real issue is life-to-date sales.

If you again look at, there are very few games that break
the 5 million units sold mark, and even fewer that sell more than 10
million, few, that is, until you look at nintendo. This week, there
are 9 titles on vgchartz that have broken 10 million units worldwide
sold that are still selling enough copies to be on the top 50
worldwide games sold list, one is gta san andreas. The others are by
nintendo. In fact, Halo 3, another really big game was the top selling
game for three weeks. It hasn't returned to the top 10 since it left.
In fact, in its fourth week of sales, it was outsold by two (nintendo)
titles that had been top-selling games for 4 and 16 times as long
(zelda phantom hourglass and wii sports).

The point of all this is that the video game industry, and the
enthusiast media are very short-sighted in their goals. There persists
this mentality of "if it doesn't sell in its first three weeks, then
it's not going to sell"…except if you're nintendo.

And lastly (I know that this is running long), everybody says "well
what about the third parties?" Well, what about the third parties. Of
course, nintendo makes the hardware, so they know what to do with it,
well, they know what to do with it because they put money into r & d
to find out how people respond to various types of games, gameplay and
control. Third party developers aren't going to see real returns on
their investments until they start to realise how to make Wii games
that appeal to people. EA is the biggest, and it seems to be the only
one who's started researching what consumers want out of a Wii game,
instead of finding that what they think consumers want out of a Wii/DS
game (My sims).

Okay, that's the end of my rant

hyppolytus/james/blackboy (you can pick a nick)

this email brought to you by every other email brought to you by
something else
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