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Wiimote on PC

Of course you can game on the PC as well... what are you pointing and clicking at this week?

Wiimote on PC

Postby LocoRoco » Fri Apr 13, 2007 7:39 am

I recently hooked my wiimote up to my PC, head over to if you wish to do the same. Anyways it runs through a blue-tooth adapter and glovepie and allows you to program the wiimote to work with just about anything from games like Half-life 2 all the way over to controlling your mouse using an IR sensor bar.
So i figured why not tell you all about this and let you know if it is worth the time and money.

First off you need a compatible blue-tooth adapter (head over here for a list <> ) , the appropriate blue-tooth drivers, a PC and of course a wiimote.

Then follow the guide at depending on your OS:
If windows: <>
If Linux: <>
If Mac: <>

***All i know about is glovepie so from here on out when i talk about the options available i refer to those available through Glovepie.***

When you first get the bluetooth stacks running and the wiimote running to the computer you are going to have to open glove pie then either run a script included or copy and paste one off the internet ( a good place for scripts is <> ). Or of course if you have the time a patience to learn you can write your own scripts.

Anyways one basic thing you can do which i found pretty interesting is after downloading the sounds and script for "WiiSaber" you can wave your wiimote around like an idiot flailing your arms pretending to be a Jedi while the lightsaber sounds come from your computer. A video is here

You can also use it in most games but for FPS's it does not work too well it works well in RTS's though.

Also probably the best program out currently is a Half-life 2 mod at <> It takes advantage of the IR and proves that an FPS game could be done exceptionally well on the Wii. Although this requires a sensor bar and nun-chuck along with the wiimote.

There are also many other scripts allowing you to use the wiimote as a NES pad in emulators, allowing you to emulate instruments such as the guitar and drums, and also letting you implement the motion the IR and buttons of the wiimote into just about whatever you want.

So in conclusion, a blue-tooth adapter will run you about $15-$40, a wireless sensor bar $20 (you can use the one on the wii but it is a pain, also a sensor bar is not required for a lot of the scripts) and if you don't have a wiimote and nun-chuck $60. So i would say at this point unless you already have a bluetooth adapter and a wiimote try it out, but if you dont at this point it is not worth the money, but it maybe later on. So if you do decide to do as i did you can get alot of help from <> and the froums at <>.
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New Listener
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Postby WarriorBob » Wed Apr 18, 2007 10:04 pm

I would really like to do this once I get a little more disposable income. I love unusual videogame controllers and am curious what sort of mischief I could get myself into with something like a wiimote.

Also, excellent first post.
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