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Episode 293 -- September 7th, 2008

Discussion and Feedback on the Orange Lounge Radio LIVE program, including your suggestions for future topics and news on upcoming specials

Episode 293 -- September 7th, 2008

Postby skie » Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:04 pm

Sorry it's late this week guys this should NOT be a habit... having to bounce between 2 computers put me behind a little bit. Then last night when I was ready to finally get this up, Comcast went out in our area for a couple of hours :x


After a brief hiatus while the OLR gang was at Penny Arcade Expo, we return this week (sans Loki who is on a day job work trip) to bring you our thoughts on the sights and sounds of Penny Arcade Expo. Don't forget to check out the Allgames coverage which we all appeared on at

The news hasn't stopped though this week, especially in the music game world, as details are announced about Rock Bands export feature as well as a possible lawsuit surrounding the Guitar Hero franchise. Could one of Jamies favorite artists be doing the wrong thing?

An interesting rumor pops up about E3 going public, but is this REALLY a good idea? And what about E 4 All?

In part B, Lumines is about to come home to YET ANOTHER platform, will it really be worth buying all over again? A very strange game is about to land on the US Virtual Console (Yes, for real!), and Final Fantasy Dissidia sounds like a giant fanboy orgasm... not that this is a bad thing!

All this and MUCH more including your live phone calls, chat comments and e-mails on Orange Lounge Radio, the video game show where EVERY gamer has a voice.
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