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OLR:The Ferreting (Gameplay)

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OLR:The Ferreting (Gameplay)

Postby robbway » Thu Aug 03, 2006 1:52 pm

I'm starting the OLR:TF Gameplay Forum. This is how it goes:

1) Place Gameplay suggestions here.
2) Clarify Gameplay suggestions (from previous posts on this thread).
3) Vote for Gameplay suggestions.

The premise of all CCGs is that you have a:
1) Winning Goal. There has to be a main conflict to even have a winner.
2) A series of standard rules, including the common features amongst the cards, that are always present
3) The Cards have parameters to define how the rules are followed, AND/OR
4) The Cards contradict one or more rules directly (e.g. "Cards don't Reset during face up) or indirectly by adding rules (e.g. "Ferreting: All new characters come into play with a Ferret token...")

OLR:TF Goals
I think the goals are probably one or more of the following:
1) Lose a certain number of counters (I like 100).
2) Gain a certain number of counters.
3) Run thru all of your cards.
4) Have your opponents run thru all of your cards.
5) Lose all cards on play area.
6) Have all other players lose all play-area-cards.
(I'm sure there are many more ways to make goals)

OLR:TF Resources
Resources are what allow you to take turns/moves and win. I'll use existing games to explain:
1) UNO: cards in hand are your resources
2) Go Fish!: cards on the board and your hands are the resources
3) Magic: Lands, the deck, and the discard pile are your main resources.

OLR:TF Mechanics
1) Rules on how to play the cards
2) Rules on how to use the cards (including marking them "spent" or "reset")
3) Card ranks and suits, including the background "theme" as to which cards are stronger and weaker according to the theme. Colors, elements, or related "lists" are good.
4) What do the cards and the player represent? MTG doesn't have cards to designate players, othergames do.

As for the cards and rules themselves, I suggest we keep them in the original thread, or start a new one just for card types
Anyway, here are some early thoughts only from me

The Forum hierarchy should fit into the game as a goal or character types.

I prefer simple rules, but whacky cards.

I don't think balance should matter if all players have access to all cards.

I like the idea of conflict to be things that get in the way of coolness or continuity. Things like food (alcohol and brownies), people (DJs, Moderators, Forum Members,...), creatures (Furby, Ferret, Cat, Mouse, etc.), mind (confuse me with facts, the faux pas, the F-Bomb, overtly sexual reference, a Scoop article, rapport), techs (bad Windows XP!, Skype echo, microphone mute, traffic jam).

Point-losing things (that take you away from your goal) should outweigh the point-gaining things, or the game won't end.

Phases. I'm a big fan of Pokemon phases because combat is more precise than Magic. How about:

1) Reset
2) Draw
3) Play
4) Attack
5) Discard (not necessary, but may be added based on the rules)

Anyway, I'd really like to get out of the head of Robb on this one, so I'm more likely to consider other ideas, especially if they're fresher than other card games. Even consider card shape and position, mmmmmkay?

EDIT: Along the way, we'll have to playtest some concepts. The rule-making/breaking cards should probably come last.
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Radio Junkie
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Postby DarkTetsuya » Sat Aug 05, 2006 10:55 am

For some inspiration, I found this: ... card_games

That should give some good brainstorming ideas...

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