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Postby amatoryknight » Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:16 pm

I've been working on AKVG for about a few months now just trying to get the equipment to start up the site and get the material out there. Finally I have all the equipment that I need and AKVG is finally running.

What is AKVG?
- AKVG is a video game oriented website. So far it provides playthroughs of current games, future highlights, and quick looks on future games that might be in a future playthrough. AKVG will be an ever changing website that allows it's viewers to evolve with their beloved host, "Amatory Knight". Although fairly new I plan on improving ever episode as I go.

Where to find AKVG?
-Facebook Page:

Hopefully in the future when I get a good amount of material on the site I hope to be able to be a proud supporter of Orange Lounge Radio but providing content and doing some exclusive stuff just for the OLRMY. Been a proud listener since 2008. I hope you'll all excuse the first few episodes for being some what of a snooze fest but I hope AKVG could be a nice addition to OLR one day in some way. Love you guys and can wait for the next episode of OLR.
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