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Anybody entered this contest thing yet?

Get to know those other listeners of Orange Lounge Radio... maybe things you didn't even want to know about o_O

Anybody entered this contest thing yet?

Postby Eddy » Sun Aug 27, 2006 2:35 pm

Yeah, you get money if you guess right.

My bracket predictions of note:

Pheonix Wright vs. Gordon Freeman -> I want to predict Wright since Gordon Freeman could be played by a piece of cardboard, but soo many people like Half-Life, so I am not sure.

Master Chief vs. Sub-Zero -> Were they on crack when they made this matchup?

Auron vs. Alucard -> I love Alucard, he is so cool, but I haven't played much FFX so I don't know how popular Auron is.

Leon Kennedy vs. Bowser -> RE4 was obviouslly very well received, but Bowser is so... classic. Again, a toughie.

Sonic the Hedgehog vs. CATS -> Sonic is a gaming icon, though less so these days. But how many people actually know where "All your base are belong to us comes from"?

Dante vs. Ryu Hayabusa -> This is really tough. They are both pretty cool characters

Squall vs. Tidus -> I haven't played these FF games either, so I dunno.

Solid Snake vs. Soma Cruz -> I don't know much about Metal Gear, but it should be more popular than Castlevania right?

Chun Li vs. Kasumi -> this is like asking someone to choose between Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie or something like that. I like Asian girls better ;P

Cortanna vs. Johanna Dark -> Both from excellent games in their first interation. Hard to pick. My guess is COrtanna though.

Samus vs. Nidoran F. (the Pokemon) -> I would probably take Nidoran over Samus :P

Princess Daisy vs. Princess Peach -> Pure evil. Pure, uncut evil.

The Boss vs. Celes Chere -> MGS vs. FF, hard to say

Jill Valentine vs. Sheena Fujibayashi -> How many people actually know who Jill is? And how many know who Sheena is? I'd say Jill takes this one, since she appeared in more (Recent) games.

Zelda vs. Carmen Sandiego -> Who's Carmen Sandiego?

Terra Branford vs. Sarah Kerrigan -> I think more people played StarCraft, not sure though.

Lara Croft vs. Alyx Vance -> Again, I dunno

KOS-MOS vs. Amy Rose -> How many played Xenosaga? How many knows who Amy Rose is?

Aeris vs. Marle -> No idea.

MegaMan vs. Axel (KH): I only played the GBA KH, so I don't know how much peple like him

Ryu(SF) vs. Kratos(God o fWar)

My prediction for Female and Male Finalists: Samus and Solid Snake

Final winner: Solid Snake

Battle Royale (6th-1st): Samus, Solid Snake, Sephrioth, Cloud, Link, Mario

Take a look at the brackets and post some of you picks here. And help me with some of the above matchups. I promise I'll share my prize!
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