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New Facebook

Of course you can game on the PC as well... what are you pointing and clicking at this week?

Do you like the new Facebook?

Poll ended at Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:26 pm

Yes, I like it.
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No, I don't like it.
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New Facebook

Postby EliteSlayer » Wed Feb 24, 2010 3:26 pm

For those of you with facebook, you should know what I'm talking about. As you know, Facebook has been updated, with things such as "home" and "profile" and other things, in different places. Now, not all people with facebook exactly "love" the new update. It's exactly not great for me either, although I'm not in the right position to complain. People have gone as far as saying it's "gay" or "idiotic" or even "Omg, what the hell? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Change it back, NOW. I swear to god, you facebook people are driving me crazy. I'm going to hack your site, then come to your house and KILL YOU!!!!!!" Seriously, I've seen people make comments exactly like that. I'm pretty sure people started to get kicked off when the "real-time" updates was changed to a button saying "live news feed" which you always have to hit if you want to see anything that happened currently. This has gone as far as people creating a group called "CHANGE FACEBOOK BACK TO NORMAL!!" and is actually quite popular. It has 2,063,441 members since 5:24 pm on February 24. So, what I want to know from you is, how do you like the new update?

Do you like the new update....

Or do you like the older version....
I made a new Gamertag, it's progressing slowly, but it has progress. Thought about doing something funny/stupid with it (editing) but I couldn't think of anything.
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