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The All Games Radio NHL 09 Team (360)

Meet up with fellow OLR listeners in your favorite multiplayer video games. Remember the cardinal rule of the OLRmy: Don't be a dick.

The All Games Radio NHL 09 Team (360)

Postby ssj100matt » Fri Sep 12, 2008 11:07 am

Now that NHL 09 is out, the All Games Radio team is looking for players for our EASHL team... The team is being comprised of listeners/hosts/supporters of all the All Games Radio shows and their affiliates (including OLR)...

If you don't know about the EA Sports Hockey League here is a quick summary via Wikipedia...

The new online league on NHL 09 will let players form teams of up to 50 players. Although games can only hold up to 6 players per team, each game will be recorded for the organization and will represent an online rank compared to other organizations. At the end of a certain amount of decided games the top teams will battle in the playoffs and receive prizes and other rewards from EA. Players will also be recognized by statistics that will keep track of points and display the top players with their real names instead of their Gamertags.

So basically Hockey has gone MMO and we are making an All Game Radio Clan... If your interested and own a copy of NHL09 for 360 check out this All games Forum post about it... Or go into Club search in the game and type in 'all games' and contact any of the GM's (chrisphil1724 or Hendrix) on the All Games Jaguars team... ... post343060

Go All Games Jags!

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OLR Whore
OLR Whore
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Postby VxJasonxV » Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:12 pm

Neither of the Blockbuster's near me carry the game :|. One carries NHL '07, the other carries NHL'08, they both carry 2K7-2K9.....

So I just bought it today :).
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