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OLR Presents: THE HUNT! PDF Print E-mail
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Sunday, 01 April 2012 23:56

That's right folks! Since I was unable to obtain first-hand coverage of WonderCon this year (stay tuned it *might* return in 2013) I decided I'd fill the empty space usually saved for that with something new I'm trying on the site.... Fair word of warning there might be spoilers for one of the hosts' favorite novels that have released recently... So whenever you're ready, hit the jump!


Welcome to OASIS! You have 1 new video message.

>view message

As the video begins to play, you see a young man in his 30s, sitting at his desk in a faux leather chair. Suddenly the iconic trumpets begin to play, it's the opening to Dead Man's Party, by Oingo Boingo.

The young man spins around in his chair to face the camera. "Oh, you're here! Good... I'm DarkTetsuya, of course... and you're probably wondering what's going on here.

You guys remember hearing LOKI rant and rave about the 2011 novel by the guy that wrote Fanboys, right? His latest work was a little novel called Ready Player One. Anyways, I got to thinking, 'what would it be like if someone actually held a competition like that?!' ... basically an epic search for one videogame programmer's 'easter egg' inside a virtual world where every classic movie, tv show, videogame, book (comic or otherwise) or music video is at your fingertips!

"wait, 'leave your body at the door / leave your body and soul at the door!' ... that never made any sense to me, I mean what's left if you're leaving both behind?! Oh sorry sidetracked, that line always bugged me... *stops the mp3* So if you're familliar with that novel you will probably know what kinda challenges I'll be throwing at you...

So your quest will have you completing challenges to obtain three keys and unlock the game's three gates, which will test your knowledge of various pop-culture things.

Like this first challenge, if you can complete it will earn you a place on the scoreboard, the first key (copper), and entrance into the first gate's challenge!

*he snaps his fingers and a small pixellated knight appears seated upon an ostrich* You remember this guy, right? he's from Joust. below is a screengrab from mame (you can use whichever version of Joust suits you best... don't have to use mame -- just as long as you can send me a picture of your best score) of one of my better attempts:


Score to beat: 39,800

If you can beat that, and send me proof via email (my handle @ gmail dot com, just label it 'the hunt' and sign it with whatever username you want on the scoreboard ... EDIT: or via twitter @darktetsuya twitpic me a screengrab of your high score, hashtag it #thehuntOLR!) you will get the copper key and access to the next puzzle! hopefully by the end of this week we'll see if anyone is on the scoreboard and I'll make another post with the next set of challenges, all culminating in an epic finale! ...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: the first person to send me a score will get 16,000 points on the Scoreboard, but every entry after that it's gonna go down by 1,000... so you'd better hurry!

*the mounted ostrich takes a running leap off the desk and flies away* Good Luck, You'll need it!

...then the video fades to black.

Last Updated on Monday, 02 April 2012 21:26

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