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RIP DDRFreak 2001-2011 PDF Print E-mail
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Wednesday, 21 September 2011 23:01

(Update! There might be one last hurrah for the 'Freak crew coming up this fall, read below for details!!)

Sad news just came down the wire today, as one of the longest running fansites for Dance Dance Revolution, has closed its doors after ten long years of serving the DDR and BEMANI community.

For almost a decade since it opened back in 2001, was *the* place for DDR/BEMANI news and discussion, about the latest arcade and home releases both here and abroad. Whether it was the Japanese releases, the stateside home versions, or the European 'Dancing Stage' games you could find discussion threads on the forum about them. They even hosted videos, some of which are still on YouTube if you want to look them up!

I'll never forget the epic threads for the different US home releases, or things like the 'wishlist' threads  where everyone had their list of songs they felt HAD to be in DDR. Just don't curse, or the word filter will beat the poopy out of your post! (Unless you knew the workaround to get around that...)

Interesting bit of trivia: the site also featured something that I actually contributed to the site years ago! I wrote an expansive FAQ for Konami's 'beatmania' series, which featured songlist for all the PSX versions as well as four of the PS2 IIDX versions. Of course the last update was ages ago and I never had the chance to update it further with later games.

So I gotta tip my hat to JDogg, Sherl0k, blue^ as well as all the other mods/admins who worked for the site (a couple of which also frequented our neck of the woods here at OLR!) thanks for all the memories guys, and remember -- There aren't any DDR machine in Antarctica, so stop asking!


UPDATE! -- I'm getting word that some of the regulars there are organizing a reunion/tournament of sorts for DDRFreak's last hurrah, supposedly the site will be back up one last time for it too. So, watch for more news in the coming months (It's supposed to take place on 20, November ... a pretty big date if you've ever seen my posts on that date here on OLR!) right here on the site!

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 September 2011 15:43

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