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Where Are They Now? - ver2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Wednesday, 22 June 2011 20:53


In the fourth installment in my ongoing series, I catch up with one of the more 'infamous' people in the DDR scene from back in the day, ver2! Back when DDRMAX was first imported over here to the states, after MAX300 was discovered as the 'Extra Stage' song, it quickly turned into a race to see who could 'AAA' it first.... and he was the one that did it!

Anyway hit the jump to see what his replies were!


So tell us about yourself. What are you up to these days?

Just doing what I can to make an honest living. On the side, I MC for the Hardcore Synergy shows that we put on in Chicago and LA.

Favorite BEMANI game?

Still has to be IIDX

Favorite mix from said series?

It's a toss up between 6th, Happy Sky[12], and Resort Anthem[18]

Favorite song/artist? (doesn't have to be from your favorite game/series)

Currently I am digging Gammer, Darren Styles, Skrillex, an indie Chicago native Mark Jandes

Any tournament memories you want to share? (also, PA or Freestyle?)

Haha, I still think CBN was the best tournament ever.

Proudest accomplishment?

Passing Max300 with drumsticks....j/k. I don't really have a proudest accomplishment. My accomplishment that I'm proud of is that DDR allowed me to get where I am today.

Any memories from OLR you'd like to share?

N/A [note: for those that've heard 'BEST HITS: Volume 1,' this is the ver2 that LOKI was ranting about because he cut him off waiting in line to play DDR... :P]

Do you still play DDR/IIDX/etc. nowadays?

I play IIDX every now and then. I was heavily into Technika/Technika2 for a while. Now I'm quite busy with work and what not.

If you've seen what DDR is like now, do you feel it's 'jumped the shark'? Share your thoughts on that.

I think DDR is completely different than that of what it was during my hey-day. Before, it was all about technicality and style (PA/Freestyle) now it's about "how hard can we make this song so we can make it not fun". Don't get me wrong X2 is a FANTASTIC game. I had the opportunity to play this when I was at Round1 out in LA. It's a fantastic game and pays homage to the old school players quite well.

Obligatory 'your first time playing DDR' story

Mike Ngo, Koshiru Shuffle. I was dumbfounded.

Final thoughts?

Thanks for letting me do this, and rock on OLR!

I hope you've been enjoying these retrospectives. I'll always be looking out for future interviews, so watch for those. Tune in tomorrow as I wrap up the week with our original webmaster, VxJasonxV! (And I promise to not make any Heavy Rain 'Press X' jokes.)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 June 2011 22:00

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