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I Love That Song! - Better Late Than Never (to make this dream come true...) PDF Print E-mail
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 21:21


(Lord Darkwood will kidnap me if I make this available for download, so I can't. Sorry)

Yeah, another Daft Punk song off of Interstella 5555... what can I say it's my favorite thing ever at the moment. (and with Valentine's Day happening this week I thought it'd be appropriate.)

If you saw my writeup about 'One More Time' last week, you heard me talk about this epic project between Leiji Matsumoto (of Galaxy Express 999 and Star Blazers fame) who teamed up with the artists of Daft Punk to come up with an 'animated house musical' featuring DP's epic tracks. This is probably my favorite song off of this musical, so hit the jump to find out why!



So last week I talked about the first song in the movie. This one takes place a little later, after the interstellar rock group gets captured (Apparently the band didn't have a name they went by on their home planet) and the video for this song depicts the movie's hero Shep as he discovers that this has happened. Which sucks big time because as you'll see he's quite possibly their biggest fan!:

So yeah to tie it to videogames -- where's my Guitar He-- err, ROCKBAND: Daft Punk?! (Though I suppose they WERE in DJ HERO...)

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