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I Love That Song - Happy 30th Birthday Pac-Man PDF Print E-mail
Written by act_deft   
Friday, 21 May 2010 11:56


(°< Wakka-Wakka

Today's Track is Eat'em Up! from Ridge Racer 4

Please note due to copyright issues I can not make this song available for you to download directly.


Well, today May 21st marks the 30th anniversary of one of the greatest game franchises of them all, Pac-Man.  And here on Orange Lounge Radio would like to pay tribute to Namco's oldest franchise and probably most popular game.  There are a lot of Pac-Man games, some retain the original aspect of the original but give it new twists, like Pac-Man C.E. or the upcoming Battle Royale; but there are other games that take Pac-Man to whole new adventures, like the Pac-Man World series or Pac-Man Rally.  Pac-Man has also appeared on many of Namco's other franchises, like Klonoa or Ridge Racer, which is the soundtrack featured today.

This song is pretty reminiscent of old-school Pac-Man.  While the original arcade didn't feature a compeling soundtrack, pretty much everyone remembers the cut-scene music from the arcade games, which is what this song samples.  Almost all Ridge Racer soundtracks in the series feature at least one song or reference to Pac-Man, which makes the Ridge Racer series even cooler than it is.

So today, go play some Pac-Man while listening to this song, I heard some site called Google has it's own version of the game on their main page, or go download Pac-Man C.E. on iPhone or XBLA, it's pretty good.

If you have suggestions or recommendations for future "I love that song" segments or just wanna comment about the song please click the "Add new comment" link or contact us via Twitter: @olr, @Darktetsuya or me, @act_deft!

Until next time, keep on eatin'!


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