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WonderCon 2010: A brief look at Saturday's events PDF Print E-mail
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Sunday, 04 April 2010 11:03

As you've probably seen on my twitter, I was lucky enough to attend the San Diego Comic-Con spinoff show they held in San Francisco yesterday! While I'm sure most of the podcast fans don't give a damn about comics (Maybe some of you do, I can't say for sure ^^; ) there were some videogame related things to see.

For example Capcom had a booth there with a few of their upcoming releases for 2010! hit the jump for my full report!! (and yeah there'll be some comic-specific stuff in there too... but we had to do *something* to fill time till the end of it.)



We arrived at the con in SF at about 9:00-9:30 so we still had a little bit of a wait because the gates didn't officially open till 10. :(

(Most of this was going off memory so forgive me if I get anything wrong/out of order ^^; )

As soon as the gates opened we decided the first stop should be Capcom, before it gets too packed to wait in line for anything. So I hopped in line to try Final Fight: Double Impact. Of course, I could just as easily play either of these at home on Capcom Classics Collection on PS2. -- But what's missing from those games are the little extras, like the different filters you can use (the coolest has to be the 'simulated arcade' mode where its kinda angled so it actually looks like you're looking down at the monitor, with the sideart adorning the borders.)

You can also choose original or arranged soundtrack.... but I think both the games were set to default sound... and being at a con probably isn't the best place to try and hear the arranged soundtracks (and besides I was a little leery of doing anything besides just up and playing with the Capcom staff keeping a constant eye on everything -- hence why my only pics of the Capcom booth were the posters....)

After that I stopped by Capcom's store they had set up there at the booth, featuring all kinds of games and random Capcom-themed trinkets and other thinigs.... I picked up a little mini Megaman doll and the Japanese Rockman 9 soundtrack. And since I spent over $35, they threw in a RE t-shirt from the new movie, which was cool.

Eventually I managed to make my way back to try out SSF4.... unfortunately I didn't think to check which line was 'PS3 dualshocks' and which one was the 'arcade sticks' setup, so I wound up being in the PS3 line... As much as I would've liked to try Hakan for the first time, I decided to attempt to win with DeeJay..... didn't go so well. :(

The rest of the day was attending random comic panels (including an Image preview which did have at least one comic I might look into, The Crusader I believe was the name of it) then stopped for lunch, then more panel randomness including Activision's 'Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions' preview.... I don't know why they bothered, since they didn't reveal either of the two 'unannounced' dimensions (the game takes place in four seperate Spiderman timelines from the comic, the first being the original 'Amazing' line and the 2nd being 'Spiderman:NOIR' which is more of a darker version, almost reminded me of Batman in some ways with how dark and gritty everything was.)  Although they did show a trailer, it looked awesome.... was just dissappointing to not hear any new info on it. But then again I'm not the world's biggest Spiderman fan, so I wasn't particularly disappointed either way.

After a few more random panels and wandering around, it was about time for the event I'd been waiting the entire day for: The S5 Premiere of Doctor Who, featuring the new 11th Doctor, Matt Smith! Unfortunately since they didn't clear the room out after the last thing that took place (A Green Lantern: Darkest Night/Brightest Day preview ... again not a big fan of Green Lantern so I don't follow it) so I *almost* missed the first showing.... luckily my brother didn't mind missing it so I went in solo since they were trying to fill in the last empty seats with parties of one (which was a relief because the old guy behind us had me a little creeped out... ^^; )

And aside from having an end-of-the-row seat next to some chick who wouldn't stop playing with her hair D: .... SPOILERS: IT WAS AWESOME. I didn't think Matt Smith would win me over like he did, but there ya go. Also awesome was the random shouting/cheering/clapping from the audience it just felt great knowing you're sharing a room with hundreds of other fellow Doctor fans.

All in all it was awesome and I would TOTALLY do it again next year... maybe even go the entire weekend and stay in SF, who knows?!


Last Updated on Sunday, 04 April 2010 11:26

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