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I Love That Song! - No foolin' PDF Print E-mail
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Thursday, 01 April 2010 20:02


Due to copyright I can't make this song available for download directly.

Since act-deft's pick was a little late, I had to push mine back a little too... but anyway:

Ah B4U... while not too challenging as a DDR song, up until a couple weeks ago it was always one of those IIDX songs I never imagined myself passing, but lo and behold I actually did it! (nevermind I had a little help from the EASY modifier, but a pass is a pass imo :P)

This song is definetly up there in terms of 'Best BEMANI song ever' it's just so memorable. a driving techno beat with the iconic lyrics, there's just no denying its greatness.

There have also been several remixes of B4U including:

- B4U Glorious Style - One of the only 'long versions' ever done in DDR, this one appeared in 5th MIX.
- B4U -B4ZA BEAT MIX- - a special ONI-only remix done for DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution 7th MIX.
- B4U (BEMANI FOR YOU MIX) remixed by DJ YOSHITAKA and Michael Ala Mode, which appeared in beatmania IIDX 16: EMPRESS
- as well as a remix by the group 'kutimu' which you can hear in Orange Lounge Revolution 2nd MIX, available now! (plugplug)


Last Updated on Thursday, 01 April 2010 20:10

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