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Twitter Your Gaming Week: Week of May 9 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Deekman & The OLRmy   
Sunday, 17 May 2009 21:55

Time again to twitter your gaming week! The best part of the OLR listeners/readers is the amount of different games you guys play! It's astounding seeing some of the classic and recent titles you guys get into during your week!

Corey Sacrey Corey31@olr NHL 09, Rock Band 2, and tons of Scrabble on XBLA

Ryan Belknap RyanBelknap@olr My gaming week was: Finish Dark Cloud, Playing EA Active, and Hot Shot Tennis

Jason VxJasonxV@olr Eternal Darkness, MegaMan Legends, and probably something I forgot. I'm ready for my 50+ hour weeks to end :<

Kevin Kroze@olr Check out SakuraMaxX's Raptr account to see what I have been playing this week! Shameless plugging! ^_^

Robert hendersonman@olr My mom stole my DS to play Peggle. She may be picking up her own this weekend

jean-louis proust akeripper@olr skate 2(one controller less), phantasy star 1, marvel ultimate alliance, plants versus zombies

Jon Bressler bresslol@olr Halo 3 Gears 2 Tecmo Bowl DS Forza 2 Mario Kart Uno Rush

James Blocksom djtyrant@olr peggle (iPhone) peggle (WoW) WoW, SF4, Dr. Mario, Rythem Heaven

Ilya 13xforever@olr Finished Tomb Raider: Underworld (finally) on PC and Peggle on iPhone (must resist...) Now I'm back to Final Fantasy XII...

Joe Reno DarkTetsuya@olr GT Pro racing on Wii, and both Wonderboy III (SMS) and La-Mulana streaming on JTV for a semi-monthly event!

cepwin cepwinIcon_lock@olr Trying to beat RE5, FIFA 09 and Fight Night 4 demo.

Alex Fernandez Zushi13@olr A lot of X-Men Origins Wolverine, and this week's Rock Band 2 DLC from Social D, Elvis Costello and Disturbed

Evan Anthrowolf O. GoldAnthroIcon_lock@olr various SMW hacks(SNESemu), starfox 1 and 2(complete beta) (SNESemu), starfox 64 (n64VC), mario kart wii, megaman 9(wiiware), etc.

Ranma Saotome DJRanmaS@olr Still leveling in Final Fantasy III. ^^

Patti giove_dea@olr Playing more Crisis Core and trying out the PSP rock band game.

jinnai702 jinnai702Icon_lock@olr Gaming week: Hotel Dusk - DS, Peggle - Ipod... Packing up for Fanime Con! :D

Deacon Ross Deekman@olr 1 VS 100 on Xbox 360 and Rock Band Unplugged on PSP. Both are AWESOME!

Last Updated on Sunday, 17 May 2009 21:57

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